It's Sunday. Here's Your Feel Good Story of the Week

March 2, 2014

For one day, the great city of San Francisco transformed into the Dark Metropolitan known as Gotham City.  Villains and criminals ran wild; mayhem was as prevalent as the smell of smoke and fire.  The police could not maintain this disruption of peace and help was nowhere to be found.  Gotham City has been taken.  Or has it?

An unexpected visitor has arrived.  It''s Batkid!  If you haven't heard, Batkid has made his first appearance in public eyes and his real identity has also been revealed!  Batkid, aka Miles Scott, was able to help clean the streets of Gotham City by defeating every, single, bad guy with some help of Batman.  Watch this heartwarming video to see how a 5-year-old cancer survivor's dreams came true.


December 7, 2013

(Sao Paulo, Winter, 2013)

When nine people died due to the unusual low temperatures in Sao Paulo last week, this group of friends decided they could do something.

They’ve created the wall of coats (but you can also find pants and blankets there) in the middle of the street.

Anybody can hang a coat on the wall and anybody can grab one. There are no rules.

The project is a success, and many people (mostly homeless people) are a little warmer today.

The goal is to keep the wall full of coats for the whole winter. But they are thinking ahead, and by October, when it’s Children’s Day in Brazil, the idea is to turn the wall of coats into a wall of toys.

What An Amazing Story

November 22, 2013

This shit is fucking beautiful.  These guys were setting up to shoot a music video when an unexpected homeless man approaches the set.  These guys are total strangers.  He gets on his knees and begins to weep.  He sings with Carlos Whittaker in an amazing duet.  SO MANY FUCKING FEELINGS!!!